Welcome to Retriever Consulting

Retriever Consulting exists to provide clients an unparalleled level of business value from their use of information technology. We radically transform their operations and help them achieve mind-blowing results. We bring a unique “get the job done” approach to consulting that places customer success as the only measurement criteria.

We are an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner and bring extensive expertise and certification in AWS Architecture, Design, and Deployment; IBM Technology and Architecture, Microsoft Technology and Architecture, and ITIL Foundation certification.

Retriever Consulting LLC has a wealth of cloud enablement services expertise. This coupled with the company's deep expertise of reference architecture development and cloud security skills - positions them as one of the most results oriented cloud consulting businesses in the market.

Your presentation was extremely informative giving us an idea of the various concepts of App design and particularly the alternative pricing structures and extensions. Thank you for that work, we are moving forward based on your advice! Mobile Apps Customer

What They’re Saying

  • As the CEO of Silver Lining, I’m rarely pleasantly surprised by a company claiming to have a new formula for a way to do something, especially with technology. Retriever Consulting brings a wealth of cloud computing expertise to the table and as a result operates to find best-fit solutions for customers, independent of any biases or product affiliation. The staff at Retriever significantly exceeded my expectations when they conducted a Technology Assessment on my most technology dependent business. They identified ways to move to cloud computing that were more secure, efficient and better maintained.

Why Retriever Consulting?

Cloud Readiness Training

We provide all the training needed to ready the organization for cloud computing. We educate team members on what cloud computing is and what it is not. 

We ensure a common understanding of the definition of cloud computing and its related terminology. 

We explain the NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture and how it relates to the organization.

Cloud Visioning

Establishing the vision for cloud adoption is the first step in cloud strategy development. 

We work with you to understand the different factors driving your cloud adoption and the options you have based on your organization’s mission and constraints. 

The outcome of this engagement is a clear cloud adoption vision statement with clearly defined business goals.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

A comprehensive readiness assessment is an essential component of any cloud adoption strategy. 

We meet with you and your team to evaluate your readiness in terms of lifecycle, business, application, data, technology, and security considerations. 

The outcome of this assessment includes a gap analysis between the as-is and to-be states of the organization. We use the Cloud Visioning outcome as input to this process.

Cloud Roadmap

At Retriever Consulting, our mission is to provide clients an unparalleled level of business value from their use of information technology. We radically transform their operations and help them achieve mind-blowing results.

Business Case Development

Success in cloud adoption depends on building a business case and supporting long term enterprise strategy that delivers significant return on investment. 

We believe you must have a mission or business value and a clear ROI to be ultimately successful. We build upon industry best practices to help you develop a winning business case for your cloud adoption strategy. 

We use the Cloud Visioning, Cloud Readiness Assessment, and Cloud Roadmap as inputs to this process.

Cloud Jumpstart

Our Cloud Jumpstart Service is designed to help an organization break free of its own inertia in cloud adoption. 

We meet with you to conduct a rapid readiness assessment and facilitate a guided dialogue on workload prioritization. At the end of the Cloud Jumpstart we prepare a report and conduct an out-brief that includes the workload prioritization results, a high-level cloud adoption roadmap, and actionable next steps. 

This is a stand-alone offering for organizations looking to resuscitate their cloud efforts.